Smartbed murphy bed. Let’s know each other

The owner of the Transforms Smartbed brand is Abar company, which has been on the market since 1992. For years, Italian design has been our passion. Italians are famous for their unusual aesthetics and the furniture stores there are filled with subtle beauty. The only limit for Italian designers is imagination. Perfect technologies complement their perfection, guaranteeing durability.

The combination of these two features: quality and style, gave rise to the idea of offering something truly unique. THE MOST MODERN MULTIFUNCTIONAL FURNITURE, which we call “”SPECIAL TASK FURNITURE”.”
Murphy beds, sofa wallbeds, modern beds on the wall, bunk beds for children, fold-out tables hidden in shelves, drawers, coffee tables, take up extremely little space. And they have the functionality of traditional furniture. Multifunctional furniture for small rooms and flats give great opportunities for their arrangement and allow optimal use of every available square meter. Thanks to Transforms Smartbed furniture, arranging even very small studios, apartments, flats is simple and does not force you to compromise. But our clients are not only the owners of small spaces. A guest bed is useful in every home. Thanks to the murphy bed, it doesn’t have to take up everyday space, so even large spaces thanks to this solution remain spacious and comfortable.
“We have learned the best from Italian designers. And 28 years of experience in the interior design industry has allowed us to improve our concepts and projects every day. Every new day and new customer are new challenges. We design multifunctional “”tailor-made”” furniture that meets the expectations of every, even the most demanding customer. Customers from all over Europe have trusted our experience. Murphy bed by Smartbed from tWarsaw studio regularly travel not only to Polish homes, but also to Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and… Italy.

Many years of experience and constant search for new solutions, attention to quality and modern design have made Transforms Smartbed the leader on the multifunctional furniture market in Poland.

Salon meblowy Smartbed Domoteka Warszawa