Mechanizm do pojedynczego lub podwójnego łóżka otwieranego pionowo Smartbed V lub poziomo Smartbed O
   11/06/2018 17:05:20    0 Komentarze
Mechanism to single or double wallbed with vertical or horizontaal opening  Smartbed V or Smartbed O

The offer of wallbed mechanisms Smartbed V and Smartbed O is addressed to professional carpenters making their own furniture or people looking for non-standard solutions tailored to their own needs. When you buy from us the mechanism, you receive detailed technical drawings allowing for precise preparation of the bed casing to the installation requirements of the mechanism. Along with the mechanism, you can buy an assembly kit of eccentricities and handles, which we will put in the bed casings made in our company. Offered mechanisms are used by us to produce vertical Smartbed V beds and Smartbed O horizontally opened beds

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