Double wallbed murphybed mechanism with horizontal opening Smartbed O

The mechanism of a double wallbed  opened horizontally. For using in your own projects murphybeds, beds hidden in furniture, beds hidden in the closet, multifunctional beds.

Tax included
Width of the double mattress
Mattress length
Additional accessories for case mounting
  • No additional equipment
  • Mounting kit for the bed casing

Horizontal mechanism for a double hide-away bed in the Smartbed O cabinet.

The basis of the mechanism is a metal frame made of closed profiles, painted with a steel epoxy powder paint. The wooden slats mounted in the frame give the bed frame the elasticity comparable to the frames used in traditional bedrooms. The frame consists of two connected frames. There is a possibility of ordering the bed frame hidden in the wardrobe in the shared version. This is useful for narrow staircases and elevators when the full-size bed frame is too large.

In addition to the frame, the kit includes:

1. Two special mounting plates mounted on the walls of the hideout cover in the wardrobe.

2. Two metal grilles covering the mounting plates and gas shock absorbers.

3. Two gas shock absorbers adapted to the weight of the frame with the mattress,

4. Two limiters that hold the mattress,

5. Two sets of belts fastening the mattress and bedding,

6. A set of two legs supporting the frame, opened automatically,

7. A set of mounting screws for installing the mechanism in the bed casing.

In addition, you can choose the option to purchase a set of fittings for mounting the bed housing by our technology.

Dimensions of the frame mechanisms for vertical beds:

1. For mattress 140x200cm - 143x202cm

2. For the mattress 140x180cm - 143x182cm

3. For mattress 140x220cm - 143x222cm

4. For the mattress 160x200cm - 163x202cm

5. For the mattress 160x180cm - 163x182cm

6. For the mattress 160x220cm - 163x222cm

7. For mattress 180x200cm - 183x202cm

8. For the mattress 180x180cm - 183x182cm

9. For the mattress 180x220cm - 183x222cm


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